If You Don't Marcy Smith Machine Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

One of the first options that should come to one's mind when searching for training tools is Marcy gym equipment.

Marcy is a well-known brand in this field. It was established by the famous weightlifting champion that turned to designing and producing fitness equipment. Marcy was founded in 1946 and, since then, provided extremely varied training tools to thousands and thousands of clients worldwide.

Marcy equipment is always designed in a way that suits both amateurs and professionals. Believe it or not, Marcy actually supplied training machines to Bruce Lee!

The reason Marcy products are so popular is that they are carefully developed by expert physiologists and kinesiologists, so they allow proper training of each muscle group. Marcy gym equipment is the answer if you need professional aid for a complete body workout.


Among the innovations Marcy introduced in this field, we have the automatic barbell and the home "multi-gym" machines. Yes, these popular and well-sold devices were first developed and patented by Marcy.

Marcy Products

Today, Marcy produces and sells an incredible variety of fitness-related products. Dumbbells and weights, exercise cycles and elliptical trainers, inversion chairs, power stations and benches, as well as the house's specialty - numerous types of smith machines and multi-gym devices for complete workout programs. Not to mention various types of accessories and even matting.

Some of the finest examples of Marcy gym equipment are the smith machines that allow users to completely exercise every muscle group, from arms and shoulders to their legs. New and new types are constantly developed, to keep up with increasing clients' needs and demands.

A Classic: the SM1000 Smith Machine

One of the best sold products by Marcy is the Diamond Elite SM1000 Smith Cage System.

With an incredibly resistant steel tube frame, high density upholstery and full adjustability, this device is hardy, comfortable and versatile, providing all the support you need for the most complete and intense exercise programs.

Like all Marcy gym equipment, it suits both beginner and advanced users and even professional sportsmen. It allows not only weightlifting, but a wide variety of exercises, such as leg extension and curl, squats and many others.

Here are some of the product's features:

1" chrome guide rods;
Safety stoppers;
Adjustable bar catches;
Bench with adjustable back pad and seven possible positions;
Quick foot release;
Transport wheels for moving the bench;
Leg developer with four, extra-sized, roller pads;
Support for both standard and olympic-size weight plates;
Four posts for weight plates storage.

The device is built in a way that allows a smooth operation and exercise repeatability. The maximum user weight it supports is 136 kg (300 lbs). The weight load on the press bar can go up to 136 kg, while, on the leg developer, up to 45 kg are supported. The machine has a total weight of 90 kg.

Marcy fitness products are available all over Europe and in the Middle East countries, and popular for bringing improved range of home fitness equipment. The products included under the brand name Marcy are marketed and distributed by the Escalade International Ltd., the UK subsidy of world famous sports goods manufacturer Escalade Sports, Inc. active

The Marcy fitness equipment were the result of Walter Marcyan's deep knowledge, experience and consistent practice in the fitness field that helped him to found the "Marcy" brand for fitness products in 1946 and to pursue the business till the late eighties. He pioneered the concept of home fitness equipment and started manufacturing fitness equipment to make strength and fitness training popular at personal level.

During the 1990's, when the fitness industry was exploding new ventures and spreading allover the world, the small level but famous production unit of Marcy was collected by the sports goods manufacturing giant Escalade Sports, Inc. along with many other companies. Since 1992 Escalade's investment, development and marketing strategy are still in work to spread Marcy fitness products allover European countries through their Swansea, UK based main sales office, the Escalade International Ltd. Escalade International is marketing Marcy fitness products along with Harvard brand sports goods and Creber table tennis tables.

At present, Marcy offers a wide range of home fitness machines and specialty products for beginner to expert levels and for all ages of serious fitness enthusiasts. Marcy products include exercise bikes, weight benches, elliptical trainers, bars, plates, racks and dumbbells for free weight training, various level multi gyms, trampolines and accessories for weight training and other exercises.

Marcy exercise bikes include the popular Magnetic Cycle CL series (CL 203, 503, 603 etc.) featuring magnetic resistance adjustable by the user, compact shape, hand grip sensor, adjustable seat or pedal, with/without LCD monitor to show speed, time etc. Other products are Light Commercial Cycle of EB series and Rowers.

The wide variety of Marcy benches cater to specific part or whole body muscle exercise and different levels. The JD series (JD 1.1, JD 2.1 and JD 3.1) are body part specific whereas MD 440 and MWB 7502 cater to whole body musculature. Other varieties are MCB series, MWB series, SM 4000 Deluxe Bench, SM 6001 Smiths Machine, WM series, TC 1800 Power Station etc. The range of Marcy benches are really wonderful both application wise and quality wise.

The weights, free weights and weight training sets are famous Marcy products. The high quality weight bars are Olympic Dumbbell bar, Olympic Curl Bar, Standard Tricep Bar and Various Standard Bars. The dumbbells are 18lg Vinyl Dumbbell set, 20kg Chrome Dumbbell set, Individual Chrome Dumbbells, and Rubber Hex Dumbbell set (A, B) etc. Other weight sets include 35kg Vinyl Barbell set, Vinyl Barbell Dumbbell set of 50kg, Olympic Tri Grip Barbell Set (100kg, 140kg) etc. Marcy also has different ranges of cast iron plates, and SR50 Squat Rack and Spotter Catchers as accessory weight training equipment.

Marcy's most famous equipment is the in-home multi gyms. The MP series models (MP 2500 Home Gym, MP 2106 MultiGym, and MP 3500 MultiGym) are perfect for domestic purpose. The GS99 Dual Stack MultiGym is good for allover workout whereas MWM 1602 MultiGym is perfect for upper body workouts. All the Marcy products are enriched by the century old experience combined with Escalade's rich research and development to deliver best quality fitness products.

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